Student Testimonials

Please take a read of some testimonials that my students have written.

  1. Lauren is always very positive and ecouraging inside and out of the gym. She motivates me to believe that I can reach my goals. I've learnt so much in just a few sessions and have recovered skills i thought I had lost. Lauren uses a variety of techniques while teaching which means you will defnintely find a way of getting the tricks that you want to learn. I always look forward to training with Lauren becuase I always leave the gym afterwards feeling super!
    Pascal Bertie, Gymnastics & PT student
  2. Working with Lauren has been absolutely incredible. From never having attempted a roly poly in June, to landing round off back flip only months later, her coaching and support has been awesome. Every week we learn a new skill and overcome new hurdles. Id highly recommend her to anyone thats interested in gymnastics, no matter your age or experience.
    Fergus Magennis, Gymnastics Student
  3. I've had private gymnastics lessons with Lauren once per week since July 17 and every lesson is such a joy. I never fail to feel a sense of achievement at the end of each lesson and I've made so much progress since I started. She is an amazingly supportive teacher, so incredibly patient, observant and all-round inspiring individual.
    Duo Zhang, Gymnastics Student
  4. Training with Lauren has changed my life. I have achieved so much that I never thought I was capable of and its given me so much confidence. She's always positive and pushing me to achieve my goals. She is always a message away if I need her. She's a diamond.
    Hannah Laffey, Health & Fitness student
  5. I'm happy and healthy, feeling stronger and leaner every day and I'm so grateful to Lauren for taking the girl too embarrassed and unconfident to do PE at school, and turning her in to someone who loves to exercise and can't wait to train. I genuinely barely recognise myself, and never thought I'd find the enjoyment and stress release in exercise that I now can't live without. Thank you Lauren.
    Katie Hall, PT student
  6. Lauren is a kind, supportive and thoughtful trainer, and her passion for her job is palpable. She goes above and beyond to make sessions varied and makes a concerted effort to take my requirements and prefences in to account. Lauren continuously encourages me to take pride in my achievements. I really look forward to our sessions and come away feeling exhilerated and pleased with the amount of productivity I've accomplished in the hour.
    Becky Silverman, PT student
  7. Lauren is incredibly motivating and there's no cutting corners in our sessions! However, she manages to do so in the least intimidating or stress-inducing manner. Lauren creates a warm, relaxed atmosphere in a calm, private space, which for a novice with a fear of getting things wrong like me, is perfect.
    Becky Silverman cont.
  8. I have been training with Lauren for about six months now. I wanted to train with Lauren as not only is she a PT, she also teaches Yoga which is something I really enjoy. When I first started training with Lauren, I had literally no experience in the gym and wanted to get fit and strong. Lauren is really friendly and down to earth which makes every session lots of fun. Lauren makes me feel completely at ease and every session is lighthearted. She makes every session different by incorporating a variety of training styles which is really refreshing. We have recently started doing ashtanga yoga as well which is also fantastic. I feel great after every session and always look forward to my next work out with her :)
    Isabelle Docker, PT & Yoga Student
  9. Antoinette Cumberbatch, PT & Gymnastics student
  10. I love my yoga sessions with Lauren, she makes it look so easy. She breaks down the moves for you step by step. She's like a little ray of sunshine.
    Simone, Yoga student